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Dr. Linville utilizes the latest techniques to lift and restore beauty to your breasts with minimal scarring after gravity, skin stretch, and nursing take their toll.

As the breast tissue and nipple drop, the upper part of the breast, or cleavage area, can look deflated.  Most of the time, the solution is to restore your natural breast tissue to its rightful place on the chest.  This is achieved with a breast lift.

Benefits of a Breast Lift (a.k.a. Mastopexy)

A well done breast lift restores the breast to its youthful position on the chest, and it can also restore a woman’s confidence and inner feelings of youth for how they think and feel about their breasts.

Who is a Candidate?

In general, women get a breast lift for the following reasons:

  • After nursing or pregnancy
  • Post bariatric surgery
  • After weight loss
  • As part of a breast revision surgery

Types of Incisions

Dr. Linville will discuss your goals for surgery, and after a thorough consultation and examination and understanding your desires and lifestyle considerations, will recommend the best type of incision for you.

Periareolar or short-scar incisions can occasionally be used if you only have a small degree of ptosis (sagging) or if your nipples have enlarged.  A vertical-only incision pattern will be used if you need a more drastic improvement but want to avoid the horizontal scar in the breast fold.  The inverted-T, or anchor, scar, is used when the breast and nipple need to be lifted significantly, and it can help raise the entire breast envelope to really get a good lift on the tissue.  This bigger incision helps prevent pseudoptosis after a lift.

New Techniques

Fat grafting may also be used to help restore the cleavage area (upper pole) of the breasts.  Additionally, there are several suturing techniques that are useful to help secure the breast tissue in place and to help hold it there, which Dr. Linville uses, all of which help add longevity and beauty to your result.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

For a lot of women, lifting the breast and nipple is the first step but it may not give you the fullness you desire.  It may be a good time to consider placing a small implant at the time of the lift to help fill out the breast volume.  The augmentation part adds in competing forces against the lift, so it is not always recommended to be combined, and in general smaller implants are used to prevent excessive tension on the lift.

The Process

If you are deemed a good candidate with realistic expectations and are not smoking, you will come back in for a preoperative visit with Dr. Linville to go over the final plan.  There you will receive some medications to help enhance your recovery and decrease your pain postoperatively.  A typical mastopexy can take anywhere from two to four hours depending on your specific plan, and Dr. Linville does not typically leave drains.  Dr. Linville is involved with every aspect of your care and pain control and will use several modalities to enhance your pain control and comfort after surgery.


If this is your only surgery, you will likely go home the same day of surgery and see Dr. Linville in the office on postoperative day 1.  No lifting or exercise is permitted for two weeks afterwards, but walking is encouraged.  After two weeks you may begin to lift and exercise moderately, and at 6 weeks you may resume vigorous exercise.   Dr. Linville will see you back several times during recovery and afterwards to check on you, and monitor your results.

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