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With a tummy tuck, you can flatten your stomach to achieve a slimmer and smoother aesthetic. By removing excess skin and fat, your contour will appear better than ever. Whether you want smoother skin around your stomach or to address stretch marks, a tummy tuck could be the solution.

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Dr. Linville has helped countless patients reach their goals through his expert tummy tuck procedure. And many patients note a significant boost in self-confidence and quality of life when they see their results. Dr. Linville specializes in a range of cosmetic treatments and procedures. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, he provides expert delivery of both surgical and non-surgical procedures to help patients reach their aesthetic goals.

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Is a Tummy Tuck
Right for Me?

Having a flat and slim stomach can boost confidence and improve your satisfaction with your body. With a tummy tuck, you can achieve a contour that matches your goals. If some of the below reasons resonate with you, this procedure could be a good choice.

  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: These put much strain on your body and result in permanent changes. But a tummy tuck can help restore your body. But we recommend waiting until you don’t want any more pregnancies.
  • Weight Loss: Losing weight is often just the first step, and this procedure can remove the excess skin afterward.

Expected Results

“This is one of the best surgeries I do, not only because of the enhanced recovery, but because it can transform a person’s life in so many ways – from the patient’s and my own personal perspective, a good tummy tuck can be life-changing” – Dr. Linville

Types of Tummy Tucks

Dr. Linville uses a range of tummy tuck techniques for his patients. Each one is carefully selected to perfectly match your needs and help you reach your goals.

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Full Tummy Tuck

Full Tummy Tuck starts from the belly button and ends at the pubic area. It removes extra skin and fat, and it tightens your abdominal muscles. We then create a new hole for your belly button.

Post-Bariatric Tuck

If you have recently had weight-loss surgery, Post-Bariatric Tuck could be for you. It helps remove the extra skin left behind after weight loss.


Panniculectomy differs from a tummy tuck in that it leaves your belly button. Instead, it only targets skin and fat below your navel. This tends to help patients with overhanging skin, and is more for alleviating symptoms than for cosmetic enhancement.

Reverse Tummy Tuck

A reverse tummy tuck pulls skin upward instead of down. This often combines well with a breast lift or reduction because the incision is in the same area. It usually is used when a normal tummy tuck does not provide enough results.

Minimally-Invasive Diastasis Repair

Diastasis Repair is less a tummy tuck in itself, and more something to add to your procedure. It repairs your center abdominal muscles, restoring them to their original position. This is beneficial for patients who have had significant stretching, especially for women after pregnancy.

Less-Invasive Abdominal Contouring

Sometimes you can achieve your goals without surgery. Using minimally-invasive Abdominal Contouring treatments like BodyTite, you can tighten mildly loose skin.


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Tummy Tuck Recovery

A tummy tuck is an outpatient procedure, so you should be able to return home the same day. However, your follow-up appointments will be very important to ensure a smooth recovery and healing process.

During the first few weeks, rest will be key. Avoiding any strain will help you heal faster and see better long-term results. You can expect some pain and soreness at first, but this is normal. And you can usually control it with the prescribed medication.

We advise avoiding all exercise for about two weeks after your surgery. However, very mild physical activity can help recovery. But this is limited to moving or walking for very brief periods.

As your recovery progresses, Dr. Linville will let you know when you can return to your normal routine. But following the postoperative instructions will remain vital at every point. If you have any questions or concerns during your recovery, do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Linville.

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What Happens During an Abdominoplasty Procedure?

The tummy tuck process has three parts. First is your preparation. This includes your consultation and preoperative visit. Then comes the day of the surgery.

Each surgery will vary slightly, as we match it to your unique needs. But they typically only last a few hours. Since a tummy tuck is often combined with other procedures, it can last longer, depending on your treatment plan. The type of anesthesia used can also vary, though many patients choose general anesthesia for maximum comfort.

Mini Tummy Tuck

Another widely popular option is the Mini Tummy Tuck. This version of the procedure targets only your lower belly, reducing sagging and removing fat pockets. However, it is less intense and results in thinner, shorter scarring. This makes it the perfect option for patients who want to improve their contours and tighten up, but avoid the strain of a more intense procedure.

Another advantage of the mini tummy tuck is how it cuts down on recovery time. For most patients, it cuts the total recovery time down by about half, compared to a full tummy tuck. Not only does the mini tummy tuck use smaller incisions, but it targets a smaller area of the body. So you can get back to your daily life sooner while still enjoying an enhanced aesthetic.

However, it still produces stunning results for patients with concerns about the area below the belly button. Instead of targeting the entire abdominal wall, it only focuses on this specific area. As a result, you achieve a more precise and targeted improvement in sagging skin or pockets of fat. However, for many patients, targeting this small area is enough.

Tummy Tuck vs Mini Tummy Tuck

A full tummy tuck addresses the entire abdominal wall. The mini version only deals with the part below the belly button.

A mini tummy tuck scar is only a few inches in length and sits below the belt line. A full tummy tuck scar looks similar, although it stretches from hip to hip. Still, a bikini bottom should cover it up.

Tummy Tuck Results

The results of a tummy tuck are meant to last for years. However, it is still important to maintain a stable physical weight. If you do, you will see long-lasting improvements to your physical appearance. Your results will continue to become more visible as you recover, showing you a smoother and more sculpted appearance. Our patients often report new levels of confidence and an overall boost in self-esteem thanks to their tummy tuck results.

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By working closely with you, Dr. Linville can develop a fully-tailored treatment plan that matches your needs. He matches every aspect of your tummy tuck and other procedures to your specifics. Call us today to learn more about our procedures and how Linville Plastic Surgery can take your aesthetic to a new level.


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