Ways Labiaplasty Can Enhance Sex

Ways Labiaplasty Can Enhance Sex

At Dr. Cain Linville’s office of cosmetic surgery in Houston, we believe that everyone should feel comfortable and happy with every part of their body. While some patients seek plastic surgery to help shape the public-facing parts of them, others seek improvements in more private areas. Sexual health may not always be an easy topic to talk about, but it is an important one for those struggling with intimate wellness. So, let’s look at ways labiaplasty can enhance sex.

Ways Labiaplasty Can Enhance Sex

A labiaplasty can help those struggling with their self-esteem to regain the confidence they struggle to feel when in private with a partner. Our procedures can uplift those looking to be reshaped, helping them feel good about themselves so they can feel good when they are with others. Whether or not you are a big believer in plastic surgery, there are many ways labiaplasty can enhance sex for the rest of your life. Take a look at some of our cool tips for a hot time in the bedroom.

Pain Reduction

Unfortunately, some people with long labia describe experiences of pain during sex. While this is not uncommon, it also shouldn’t be settled on. There is no need to feel pain or discomfort in moments when you should be feeling only pleasure. A board-certified labiaplasty treatment can help reduce the length of the labia to reduce the risk of pain during intimacy.

There are additionally those who may have damaged their labia during childbirth. The labiaplasty procedure offers a way to repair and reshape the area to heal past damages and create smoother skin. While the labia minora is not always the cause of pain during sex, changing its shape can frequently reduce feelings of tension when being intimate.

Self-Confidence Boost

Patients of all ages, sizes, shapes, and genders seek plastic surgery to increase their self-esteem. At Linville Plastic Surgery, we notice that a lot of our own patients report a huge boost in self-confidence and happiness after healing from a cosmetic procedure. Those who go through with getting a labiaplasty often find that their self-conscious feelings during sex have gone away. A negative self-image can put a huge dampener on libido, making it difficult for those with self-confidence issues to feel good during those moments of closeness. Labiaplasty can turn that all around, inviting newfound confidence that people will prove bound to find sexy.

Increased Pleasure

This may go without saying, but a procedure that reduces pain and boosts self-esteem is sure to drive up pleasurable experiences as well. Labiaplasty patients can look forward to a far better sex life and a heightened libido, not because the surgery itself increases the ability to feel pleasure, but because the surgery helps shift one’s mood and self-image.

Ultimately, you won’t feel as embarrassed about your body and you will feel better about getting intimate. A lot of patients fear that the procedure will actually get rid of sexual sensation altogether; fortunately, the opposite tends to be true. A lot of people feel that their ability to experience pleasure remains the same or is even enhanced after recovering from the procedure.

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