Can Double Eyelid Surgery be Reversed?

A unique and popular plastic surgery option that we provide at the office of Dr. Linville is double eyelid surgery, which seeks to create a crease in the eyelids. This effect makes the eyes look larger and wider, which is a look that many patients wish to achieve to help bring out their inner confidence and beauty.

But what happens to patients who don’t want that crease in the eyelids? Is it possible to reverse eyelid surgery?

It’s important to understand exactly what double eyelid surgery entails to answer whether or not it can be reversed.

Basics of the Procedure

Double eyelid surgery is more often than not performed on people of Asian descent. Over 50% of Asian people do not naturally have a double eyelid crease. The technical part of the surgery remains the same for all patients regardless of background, but many individuals have unique aesthetic preferences that any board-certified surgeon should be able to work with.

The surgery itself can be performed using one of three techniques, as highlighted by Cosmetic Town Journal:

1. Minimal Incision

This procedure uses super-small incisions on the upper eyelid. In some cases, the incision is so small that they do not need to be sutured afterward. Naturally, minimal incision surgeries have a quicker recovery time than full incisions.

2. Full Incision

A full incision requires the cutting of the eyelid, and sometimes the doctor will remove a little bit of extra skin. The folds of the eyelid can be sutured down, and the excess skin is tucked inward to create that desired crease. Recovery time is usually up to six weeks, and there may be a little bit of leftover scarring.

3. Suturing

Instead of making an incision, in some cases, the surgeon can use a suture technique to create that fold in the upper eyelids. This involves passing sutures through the dermis and the length of the eyelid. The best part about this kind of procedure is that there is no need for sutures to be removed, and recovery time is much quicker than the other two methods.

All three techniques are successful and effective, and it does not take much to become a good candidate for any of these procedures.

Are You a Good Candidate for Double Eyelid Surgery?

At the office of Dr. Linville, we have a set of requirements to determine whether you would be a likely fit for this procedure. Fortunately, the requirements for candidacy are much lower than what you would find with more intensive procedures.

To qualify for this procedure, you must be:

  • In good general health
  • Not a smoker
  • An adult, as most people who invest in the procedure are older than 20
  • Understanding of the realistic expectations from this procedure – this is NOT a procedure to get rid of crow’s feet or improve uneven eyes

If you are looking to get cosmetic surgery in Houston, you can speak with your board-certified surgeon right away for a consultation.

Can Double Eyelid Surgery Be Reversed?

On rare occasions, patients request to have the results of this procedure reversed. This can be for any number of reasons, as some people want to go back to having a monolid, or perhaps they are dealing with more eyelid sagging than they would prefer.

Fortunately for our patients, the procedure can be reversed! This is done by resecting the sutured crease. Dr. Linville will then add a spacer under the skin to ensure that the eyelid cannot crease like that again. In most cases, this does not leave any extra scarring.

There are a few risks and limitations of double eyelid surgery that you should be aware of. With major skin folding, you might be subject to swelling, or your recovery time can be extended. The space between your eyelashes and eyebrow will be reduced, which can change the entire look of your face. While most patients are happy with their stunning and beautiful results, it’s important you know that there is always a risk as well.

Reverse Eyelid Surgery Houston

We take happiness and confidence seriously at the office of Dr. Cain Linville. If you want more information about the double eyelid procedure, or you are looking to have some of your cosmetic treatments reversed, please visit us for a personal consultation. You can contact us online or give us a call at (713) 300-2567 to learn more about options to reverse eyelid surgery.