Options for Effective Scar Treatment

Options for Effective Scar Treatment

Scars are often a necessary part of the recovery process, especially after a surgery that requires incisions. Scars can also come as a result of an unavoidable injury or accident. Depending on the depth of the incision or the nature of the injury, scars may be a largely visible mark on your skin. While there is no way to get rid of them forever, there are several options for effective scar treatment that our cosmetic surgeon in Houston is happy to present to you. If you are dealing with the unsightly look of scars after a procedure and you want to reduce their visibility, then this is the right article for you.

Know the Type of Scar

Understanding what type of scar you have can help you get the best kind of treatment for it. Not all scars are the same, because not every part of your skin heals or grows in the same fashion. The most popular types of scars include:

  • Acne scars: from severe acne and may look like red bumps across the face. They can also cause indents on the face that might need treatment with an advanced laser solution.
  • Contracture scars: from second or third-degree burns. They can look like a shiny piece of skin. Often tight, which can restrict one’s mobility depending on their location.
  • Hypertrophic scars: raised and red areas of the skin that can come from the formation of extra collagen or another type of contact damage.
  • Keloid scars also come from the formation of extra collagen in an attempt to heal an injury, and often come from a piercing or a tattoo that did not heal right.

Scars are permanent additions to your skin that can be treated in a number of different ways. From surgical procedures to topical ointments, scar removal is more than possible, and our doctors will work with you to reduce the visibility of your scars as much as we can.

Options for Effective Scar Treatment

Depending on the type of scar you have, our doctors can provide a solution to help you get rid of them swiftly and smoothly. While surgical scar removal is possible, it is the most invasive process that can end up creating additional scars and requires a long recovery time. That is why surgical scar removal is typically considered as a last resort.

Instead, your doctor may recommend laser scar removal, which is a non-invasive process to remove and reduce the effect of scarring on the body. In addition, a chemical peel may be a good idea for removing scarring on the surface level of the skin, which can be especially helpful for acne or keloid scars. After your in-office treatment, your doctor will prescribe an ointment that you can apply several times a day to reduce the effects of scarring over time.

Learn the Side Effects of Scars

Scars are very often a part of the healing process, and having them is natural. That is why scars don’t necessarily need to be removed. However, there remain plenty of options to help reduce the redness and puffiness caused by scarring, giving you a better visual appearance. Some of the biggest side effects of scarring include pain, itching, tenderness, and even depression. It is important to recognize these side effects and discuss them with your doctor as soon as you can.

Revise and Reduce Your Scars Today

Do you find yourself unhappy about the way your scars have turned out? Then you can sign up for top-notch scar revision in Houston. We offer a number of solutions, such as microdermabrasion or even a surgical consultation, to help you remove and revise your scars. It remains important that you stay happy about the way you look. And this kind of help proves more accessible than you would think. Contact us today to learn more!


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