How Pregnancy Changes Your Body

How Pregnancy Changes Your Body

It is no secret that pregnancy and birth put your body through a lot of changes. A lot of those changes will eventually fade away and you will regain most of your old body back. Others, however, can put your body through some permanent transformations. Keep reading to find out how pregnancy changes your body for good – and how a Mommy makeover in Houston can get you back to those pre-pregnancy looks.

How Pregnancy Changes Your Body

Foot Size

Did you know that the size of your feet can permanently change after pregnancy? While most people think too much about the weight gain in their bellies, they might not notice that they have gone up one or two shoe sizes. If your original sneakers and pumps don’t quite fit like they used to, you might need to change your official shoe size for good.

It’s not about the weight that you’ve gained in your feet, but rather about the fact that your arches have gone flat. Since you put on a lot of weight while pregnant, the additional pressure on your feet squishes and flattens them out.

Breast Size

It is obvious that the size of your breasts will change as you go through the stages of pregnancy and birth. But after you are finished breastfeeding, you might not expect the size of your breasts to change once again. They may start to sag and grow smaller, causing them to get wrinkled or misaligned.

You might be suddenly unhappy with the appearance of your breasts after birth; if so, you should act sooner rather than later. This is because the more children you have, the more your breasts will sag. A Mommy makeover can help you retain the perfect size and shape throughout all of your life.

Tooth Loss

There is a very old rumor that having children can make you lose teeth. This actually isn’t entirely untrue. A recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health reported that older women who have given birth have lost their teeth at a greater rate.

It is still difficult to determine why this happens, but it is something to be on the lookout for. Get in touch with your dental specialist if you are experiencing tooth loss after giving birth.

Lots of Hair

If you’ve been pregnant before, you know the drill: your hair and nails start to grow at an alarming rate as your baby is growing inside you. This is because you are producing hormones at a much higher rate than you were before pregnancy. This is giving you and your baby life…literally!

After pregnancy, though, a lot of this lush new hair will fall out. You aren’t getting sick or going bald, but your hormones are returning to regular levels. It won’t be long before you are growing hair at a regular rate again.

Skin Scars and Stretch Marks

A lot of people complain about a black line that stretches from the naval to the pubic hair after pregnancy. Others have stretch marks on their bellies that won’t go away naturally. If you are dealing with blemishes and rough patches of skin after you give birth, you might be feeling like you have damaged skin. A makeover can help bring back moisture to your body while preventing further damage.

It’s Time for Your Mommy Makeover!

Pregnancy and birth are a huge deal for your body. It is no surprise that you are going to experience quite a few physical changes. Although some of these changes may seem permanent, you can take care of them with your own customized Mommy makeover. Speak with our Houston plastic surgeon to learn how you can get your old body back and feel better than ever as a new Mom!


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