Options for Effective Scar Treatment

concept of options for effective scar treatment

Scars are often a necessary part of the recovery process, especially after a surgery that requires incisions. Scars can also come as a result of an unavoidable injury or accident. Depending on the depth of the incision or the nature of the injury, scars may be a largely visible mark on your skin. While there …

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Full Guide to AccuTite Skin Tightening

concept image of woman wanting accutite skin tightening

Until recently, cosmetic procedures were necessarily invasive. Depending on the nature of your procedure, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars and months healing to achieve noticeable results. Fortunately, times have changed. Here we have our guide to AccuTite skin tightening. Full Guide to AccuTite Skin Tightening You now have access to a swath …

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Preventing Men’s Wrinkles

As we age, we face the inevitable time where our skin begins to sag and wrinkle. This can occur in many ways, for many different reasons. When you start to notice that your skin isn’t as tight and elastic as it used to be, you might start to seek a little cosmetic help. At the …

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How to Minimize Surgery Scarring

The fact of the matter is, any time the skin is deeply cut, it will result in a scar. That said, Dr. Linville’s main priority is to minimize scarring as much as he can. In addition, there are things you can do to reduce the appearance of scars. To learn more about the plastic surgery …

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Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery that Go Beyond the Physical

Mommy Makeover Houston Laughing

Will cosmetic surgery make you look and feel better? Those are the questions likely at top of mind when you make the first call to the office of your plastic surgeon in Houston. The answer is a (somewhat complex) yes. In some cases, cosmetic surgery can improve your health – if you have a physical …

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