How to Improve Your Nose Without Surgery

Woman how improved her nose without surgery.

Every day, more and more people are looking to change the shape of their faces with revolutionary new medical procedures. Whether you are a fan of traditional plastic surgery or wondering how to improve your nose without surgery, our experts at the office of Dr. Cain Linville can help. How to Improve Your Nose Without …

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Can You Have a Nose Job After an Injury?

Nose job after an injury.

Dealing with a facial injury and physical trauma can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It may take months or years to fully recover, leaving you to worry about any permanent damages left on your face. If your injury isn’t addressed or treated right away, you could end up in an even …

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Chronic Nasal Congestion Causes

Chronic nasal congestion causes.

From the common cold to seasonal allergies, a stuffy nose is no fun. Also called nasal congestion, this sinus-clogging symptom can be caused by many different things. For some people, this congestion comes and goes throughout the year or after a virus has passed. But others experience this symptom more frequently. Let’s examine chronic nasal …

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What Makes a Nose Beautiful?

What makes a nose beautiful.

Those looking to reshape their nose often have a list of reasons why they believe their current nose to be imperfect. The goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to create a perfect and beautiful nose for each and every patient looking for a confidence-boosting transformation. But that begs the question: What makes a nose beautiful? …

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What Are the Symptoms and Causes of a Deviated Septum?

Symptoms and causes of deviated septum

The medical term “deviated septum” refers to a slight to severe asymmetry of the nostrils. This is caused by the imperfect formation of the cartilage that forms the division between the nostrils. It is a very common phenomenon, and the vast majority of people have some level of deviation. However, in some cases, the deviation …

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