4 Tips to Maximize Lipo Results

concept of 4 tips to maximize lipo results

Looking and feeling your best is important when it comes to your happiness. In fact, research shows that poor body image increases your risk for mental anxiety and depression. With that, addressing the concerns you have about your body is important. As you get older, you may notice excess fat pockets on your body, despite …

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Tips for Choosing Your Liposuction Surgeon

Concept image for woman choosing her liposuction surgeon

There are many options when it comes to liposuction in Houston. It can be difficult to find the right cosmetic surgeon for you, especially if it is not easy to know where to look. This is one of the most crucial decisions you will make. It will impact how satisfied you feel with your cosmetic …

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Don’t Let Pain After Liposuction Control You

Woman holding midsection experiencing pain after liposuction

Some pain after liposuction is normal and likely inevitable. However, the degree and length of the pain can differ from person to person and it is usually mild. For those who are interested in or planning on getting liposuction, this is understandably an important question. Managing your expectations for what is to come after the …

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Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery that Go Beyond the Physical

Mommy Makeover Houston Laughing

Will cosmetic surgery make you look and feel better? Those are the questions likely at top of mind when you make the first call to the office of your plastic surgeon in Houston. The answer is a (somewhat complex) yes. In some cases, cosmetic surgery can improve your health – if you have a physical …

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Is a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction for You?

If you are self-conscious about any extra fat or loose skin on your abdomen, then you may be considering options to get rid of it. While diet and exercise can help you to achieve the look that you want, procedures like the tummy tuck or liposuction can help you to get the ideal body that …

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