Can Surgery Remove Scars?

Concept image for how to remove scars

A practiced board-certified plastic surgeon is more than capable of minimizing scars and hiding them away in areas where they are less noticeable. However, not every surgeon has this skill. You may encounter unsightly scarring as a result of general surgery, unavoidable injury, or keloiding. So, can surgery remove scars? Can Surgery Remove Scars? In …

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How Skin Changes As You Age

Woman checking for skin changes at her age

Dermatologists suggest that up to 80% of all visible aging is caused by UV radiation. While we all wish we could go back and regularly dip ourselves in sunscreen, we would still experience some of the natural effects of aging. Let’s look at how skin changes as you age. How Skin Changes As You Age …

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Will a Thigh Lift Remove Cellulite?

concept image of woman after thigh lift without cellulite

Cellulite is described as a series of waves, wrinkles, or dimples in the skin that stretch across different areas of fat as you grow older. People typically experience cellulite on the legs and buttocks, making for an unsightly visual appearance. Instead of feeling self-conscious about the state of their legs, many patients ask about plastic …

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What Makes A Beautiful Jawline?

Woman with a beautiful jawline

Beauty standards are always changing. Depending on the time and place, there are wide variations to what is considered ideal. What doesn’t seem to change is that youth is prized. Across virtually all cultures and time periods, young adults are the most likely to possess the features that are most desirable. So what makes a …

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