The Psychological Benefits of Breast Augmentation

psychological benefits of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation has been a popular procedure for many years. However, we are only starting to fully understand the psychological benefits of breast augmentation. A More Open View In recent years, plastic surgery has received a bit of a makeover. Surgical techniques are better than ever. And an increasing number of celebrities have opened up …

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Does Insurance Cover Breast Augmentation?

Insurance can cover breast augmentation, but only in rare cases such as for mastectomy patients

Patients seek breast augmentation procedures for many reasons. While procedures and surgery options are flexible, insurance coverage is less so. It can be frustrating trying to communicate with your doctor, your surgeon, and your insurance company. You will want to know does insurance cover breast augmentation? You will want to know In some cases, insurance …

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How to Sleep After Breast Augmentation

How to sleep after breast augmentation

Having a major surgery takes its toll on the body. If you have just had a breast augmentation procedure done, it is essential that you take the right steps to proper aftercare and a good night’s sleep. Throughout the healing process, your sleep patterns may be interrupted by pain, swelling, compression, or shortness of breath. …

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Augmentation Helps Women With Underdeveloped Breasts

woman covering her breasts with a towel. how fat transfer breast augmentation corrects underdeveloped breasts

For many women, their breast size impacts how womanly they feel. Unfortunately, lifestyle changes like diet and exercise cannot correct underdeveloped breasts. Many women instead turn to cosmetic procedures to obtain their desired look. Therefore, the 313,735 breast augmentations completed in 2018 alone is not a shocking statistic. While these breast augmentations include breast reductions, …

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What Kind of Incisions are Used for Cosmetic Breast Augmentation?

breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery options available. The procedure is for those looking to correct misalignments, improve body shape, or get a great confidence boost. While this procedure is quite common, many patients don’t know exactly how it works or what kind of incisions are used. Our experts at …

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Can a Breast Augmentation be Covered by Insurance?

  No matter your reasons for wanting breast augmentation surgery, you want to be informed about the cost. Many factors go into a surgeon’s pricing for the procedure, including his or her experience, the type of augmentation, and what part of the country the medical office is located in. Often, patients want to know if …

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Can You Be Too Old for a Breast Lift?

A well-executed breast lift in Houston (mastopexy) restores the breasts to their youthful position on the chest. By extension, it can restore a woman’s youthful self-image and give her more self-confidence. Breasts sag for various reasons, many of them age-related. Many women wonder: is there an ideal or “right” age to have a breast lift? …

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How to Minimize Surgery Scarring

The fact of the matter is, any time the skin is deeply cut, it will result in a scar. That said, Dr. Linville’s main priority is to minimize scarring as much as he can. In addition, there are things you can do to reduce the appearance of scars. To learn more about the plastic surgery …

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Types of Breast Deformities

There are many reasons why a patient may choose to pursue cosmetic breast surgery. Whether they are interested in receiving augmentation or reconstruction after a mastectomy, or they need a lift to boost their confidence, plenty of valid reasons are accepted to help patients feel and look their best. Another reason why patients may pursue …

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