Body Etching: Getting the Defined Look You Desire

Body Etching: Getting the Defined Look You Desire

Though today it’s something that’s often avoided and has almost achieved a taboo status, fat is one of the most important processes in the human body. It’s how we store important energy that we receive from our daily nutrients and how different hormones are generated to properly inform our bodies of its needs. Fat is a critical part of our cell membranes that is essential for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes this fat doesn’t cooperate the way in which we want it to. The stomach, thighs, and hips are the most common areas people wish to slim down on and get rid of this excess adipose tissue. This makes sense considering these are the areas in which fat is naturally stored. But shaking the weight isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Since our bodies are constantly replenishing fat cells, many of us can get stuck in a cycle of failed diets or workout routines yielding little to no results.

Sometimes a Tummy Tuck Isn’t Enough

Cosmetic surgery has been helping men and women for years achieve the figure they desire. With procedures of all kinds for individuals with varying needs, plastic surgery continues to be the modern-day solution to stubborn fat. For men in particular, cosmetic surgery seems to be overlooked. In fact, over the last five years men’s plastic surgery has been on the rise over 40%. While liposuction has consistently been the top choice for men looking to improve their bodies, few men are aware of body etching and how it can help them get the definition they desire.

Abdominal Etching

Also known as lipo contouring or liposculpture, body etching targets specific areas of the body to slim and shape, creating an overall more refined physique. Most commonly, body etching is performed on the stomach to enhance the abdominal muscles. Abdominal etching both thins the abdominal fat pad while sculpting the vertical and lateral lines of the abdomen. This procedure is meant for patients who already have some abdominal muscles that are being concealed by excess fat. Where some cosmetic procedures are about removing, a liposculpture focuses more on what is being left behind. Body etching is meant to uncover and enhance, not to create muscle out of nowhere. The process involves precise and linear liposuction which removes fat surrounding your already existing abdominal muscles. This causes the skin to better “hug” the areas men wish to refine. The result is a better contour and thinner figure with improved definition.

  • More shapely and defined muscles
  • Quick and effective elimination of stubborn fat
  • Increased self-confidence and masculinity
  • Immediate results with minimal downtime, post-op

Dr. Linville’s Plastic Surgery in Houston is growing as people desiring natural-looking results for their body, and face find out about his exciting practice. Body contouring, reconstruction, and facial rejuvenation, all tailor made for each and every patient. For more information about reclaiming your beauty, contact us today.


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