Liposuction Vs CoolSculpting

Three woman showing off results of liposuction vs coolsculpting

Want a slim, healthy, and toned body by the end of the winter season? There are plenty of things you can do to achieve that on your own. A combination of good eating and a decent exercise routine can help you get thinner. If you are still having trouble achieving your ideal size and shape, …

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How is a Male Tummy Tuck Different?

Male tummy tuck candidate looking happy

No matter who you are or what your body looks like, if you are dealing with excess skin on the body, you can greatly benefit from a tummy tuck. As one of the most popular and successful cosmetic surgery practices at the office of Dr. Cain Linville, we know how important tummy tucks are to …

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Unexpected Tummy Tuck Benefits

Woman with tight stomach and other unexpected tummy tuck benefits

Getting a tummy tuck in Houston can be a life-changing procedure for patients who have recently undergone significant weight loss. By removing excess skin and tightening the abdominal muscles, a tummy tuck can reclaim your waist and make your sleeker form all that more appealing. This is the primary goal of a tummy tuck. What …

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How to Improve Your Nose Without Surgery

Woman how improved her nose without surgery.

Every day, more and more people are looking to change the shape of their faces with revolutionary new medical procedures. Whether you are a fan of traditional plastic surgery or wondering how to improve your nose without surgery, our experts at the office of Dr. Cain Linville can help. How to Improve Your Nose Without …

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Talking to Your Partner About Labiaplasty

Woman talking to her partner about labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is one form of vaginal rejuvenation that targets the patient’s labia minora. The labia minora are the second, smaller set of skin folds that cover the vaginal opening. They tend to elongate and stretch as a result of childbirth and, in some cases, aging. Unfortunately, elongated labia can make sex more difficult. They may …

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Why Winter is Best for a Facelift

Woman about to have facelift in winter which is best for a facelift.

Summer has finally started to fade away, and now a cooler season is in front of us. Autumn is a contemplative season, helping us reflect on all that we have accomplished this year – and what we still want to do before we say goodbye to 2021 forever. For those considering plastic surgery this year, …

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Complete Body Contouring Guide

Woman in dark shadows who had body contouring and is quite slim.

Maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging, so you aren’t alone if you’re struggling to lose weight. We live in a society where much of our day is devoted to sedentary work and our meals are calorically dense. Unless you’re careful, it’s all too easy to find yourself carrying weight you don’t want. Unfortunately, the …

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What Causes Different-Sized Breasts?

Woman with different sized breasts.

Most things that come in pairs are pretty evenly matched. But with body parts, there’s no guarantee that two of the same parts will be the same exact size. The biggest example is with the breasts. Breast asymmetry is one of the most common problems that people develop as their breasts grow over time. It …

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Guide to Breast Asymmetry

Woman in shadow with breast asymmetry.

Breast asymmetry is a common occurrence. In fact, more than half of all women have breasts that are not perfectly symmetrical. One may be slightly larger or have a different shape to it. Some women even have nipples that aren’t quite the same. Below is our quick guide to breast asymmetry. Guide to Breast Asymmetry …

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Loving Your Breasts

Woman make a heart symbol to represent loving your breasts.

Loving your own body is hard enough without dealing with the pressures and judgments of society. You may spend more time feeling self-conscious about the way you look than you spend realizing how beautiful you are. If you are like many of our local patients who seek life-changing plastic surgery in Houston, you may have …

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