8 Signs You Have Chosen the Right Plastic Surgeon

8 Signs You Have Chosen the Right Plastic Surgeon

More 1.5 million plastic surgery procedures take place each year in the United States and that number is growing, according to verywellhealth.com. Some of the most common procedures include liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and abdominoplasty (also known as a tummy tuck). Whatever you are considering, make sure you choose the right surgeon. If you can check off the boxes on the following list, you may have found the right plastic surgeon. If you are looking for the right plastic surgeon in Houston, take some time to review Dr. Linville’s qualifications.

1. You are Comfortable

It’s very important to be comfortable around your doctor as you will need to trust them while you go under-the-knife. You want to be able to ask them whatever questions that come to mind and expect honest feedback. They may not say “yes” to everything you request, which can be due to their expertise, but not because they want to deny you. Trusting your doctor’s judgment is key when researching a plastic surgeon in Houston.

2. They Answer Your Questions

You will want to be able to freely discuss the surgery. If you ask what the healing process is like, you want an honest answer. A doctor who shrugs it off, and says, “you’ll be fine” is not educating you as they should. You will want to go into surgery having a full understanding of what you will expect, and what you will look like.

3. Your Doctor is Recognized

Do your research and make sure your doctor has legit recommendations and testimonials. Find doctors with certifications, such as Dr. Cain Linville, who is one of the few double board-certified plastic surgeons in the Houston area. This means he is certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Surgery, which is a huge accomplishment.

He’s also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Houston Society of Plastic Surgeons, and a Volunteer Assistant Professor at UT Houston. Seeking a plastic surgeon in Houston who has many credentials shows that they truly care about improving both the plastic surgeon community and improving the lives of their patients.

4. You Like Their Previous Work

Look through their portfolio for the specific type of surgery you are interested in. If they do not have any on their website, you can try calling and making an appointment. If a doctor will not show you photos, or does not have many, this may be a sign that this isn’t their specialty.

However, most reputable plastic surgeons will post these before-and-after photos to their website (with the patient’s permission), which you can see on Dr. Linville’s website. Click the option you are thinking about, and browse through slideshows.

5. They Educate You About Risks and Outcomes

No surgery is without complications. While it will be rare with an experienced plastic surgeon in Houston, you always want to be aware of the possibility of complications. A truly honest, experienced, and talented surgeon will always explain in full the healing process and potential complications that surgery may bring. Hopefully, they will accompany this information with their low statistics of their own patient’s complications.

6. The Office is Welcoming and Clean

When you walk into your initial consultation, you want to feel at ease within the office. Look around and make sure it is in pristine condition. Being a surgeon’s office, it should feel very sterile.

7. You Don’t Have Doubts

If you’ve checked all of the above information as positive, then it’s likely you are ready to take the plunge with the right plastic surgeon in Houston. You are excited about their work, their office is pristine, they’ve received legitimate recognition, and most importantly, you are comfortable with them and eager to receive the surgery.

Finding the right surgeon in Houston is very important in having the best surgery experience possible. From finding the right surgeon to enduring the healing process, remember to celebrate and show off your results. Plastic surgery is meant to make patients feel more confident in their skin, so post that selfie, buy that dress, or whatever it may be – embrace your new look!


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