Implant Breast Reconstruction

Implant Breast Reconstruction in Houston and The Woodlands

What is Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is the process of restoring breasts to women who may have had part or all of the breast removed. Dr. Linville specializes in implant breast reconstruction and resupplying women with their feminine beauty. This procedure involves only the chest area as opposed to flap reconstruction which takes contributing tissue from elsewhere on the body. The implants are filled with either saline (sterilized salt water), silicone gel, or a mixture of silicone and vegetable oil in the outside chamber and saline on the inside. Breast reconstruction is a large and often rewarding experience to restore both inner and outer beauty.

Is Breast Reconstruction Right For You?

The average lifespan of saline and silicone implants usually last between 10 to 20 years. Implants generally are a better option for thin women with small breasts because thinner women don’t have extra tissue in other parts of the body necessary to form a good breast shape.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction Surgery:

  • Fully restored feminine figure
  • Minimal incisions and less sacrificing tissue from other parts of the body
  • Radiation therapy is not required
  • Shorter and less invasive surgery
  • A renewed and revitalized self-image and confidence

Types of Implants

There are two types of shapes that implants may take: teardrop or round. Depending on the contour of your breast area, Dr. Linville will aid you in choosing the best shape for you. Though the surface of the implant may be smooth or rough to the touch, rest assured that you will not feel this through the skin. Implants with a more rough texture can help reduce the risk of scar tissue developing the implant for some patients.

Implant Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Even after a mastectomy procedure, an implant reconstruction can be performed. Options like tissue expansion make it possible for those without excess skin tissue, to receive this procedure. A surgery will allow an expander filled with saline in the breast area to gradually conform to the proper shape as weeks go by. Once the expansion is completed, you have the choice to swap out the expander for the implant. This is a wonderful way to restore womanly beauty to your body that you may have lost in the past.

The Process

During your consultation, Dr. Linville will review your medical history and a thorough examination will be performed to give you the perfect implants that will best suit you and your cosmetic desires. A preoperative visit will get you ready for both surgery and the recovery. You can expect the procedure to take about 1 – 2 hours. Dr. Linville prioritizes his patients’ well-being above all else and will use several anesthetic methods to minimize the pain during and after your operation.


After your surgery, Dr. Linville advises you to come in the office the next day for an overview. Immediately following your procedure, vigorous activities such as exercising are not recommended, though walking is fine. After two weeks, you may begin to lift and exercise lightly, and at 6 weeks resume your vigorous activities.

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