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There have been many exciting advances in liposuction techniques over the last several years that have enhanced both the quality and safety.  Current techniques have made it very safe, and liposuction is still the most common plastic surgery procedure performed worldwide, and for good reason.  Liposuction makes it possible to remove fat cells from nearly any part of the body without leaving long excision scars.  It can be used to unveil the beautiful underlying physique, or to create a defined or contoured appearance.

What is Special

Dr. Linville utilizes the most current liposuction techniques but never compromises safety.  Liposuction requires exquisite attention to detail, a lot of training, and consistent assessment of results.  There are many nuances to achieving the desired results and optimal contouring, all while minimizing scars.  Rest assured that Dr. Linville will utilize all of these tricks during your surgery.  Additionally, Dr. Linville does some amount of lipocontouring in nearly every surgery to help enhance your aesthetic result.

New Techniques

  • High-definition liposuction or body etching – the most current evolution in liposuction techniques, etching requires the upmost attention to detail and constant refinement of technique.  It can be used to create the appearance of abdominal wall muscles, enhance the definition of the arm muscles like the biceps and triceps, or similarly the quadriceps muscles.  Dr. Linville has taken the concept of high-definition liposuction and applied it to all of his cosmetic body procedures, such as tummy tucks, arm lifts, and thigh liposuction.
  • Energy-assisted liposuction – VASER and Ultrasound liposuction are both energy devices that Dr. Linville uses in some circumstances to help with etching or in contouring.  Theoretically, the heat from these causes the underlying tissue to contract and helps the overlying skin shrink up and prevents it from sagging or drooping.  It can also facilitate liposuction on more fibrous areas like the back and lateral thighs.
  • Excision-site liposuction – Even in cases where there is a planned skin excision such as during a brachioplasty, thighplasty, or abdominoplasty, performing some liposuction on the area to be excised can greatly facilitate the surgery itself by defining the plane for dissection and preserving sensory nerves that can otherwise take time to dissect out.  This technique also helps achieve an unmatched result when closing incisions by helping the tissue depths match up.
  • Superficial liposuction – traditionally, liposuction was performed only in the deep layers of the fat.  As high-definition liposuction has evolved, so too has the ability to safely perform liposuction in the superficial fat layer.  This technique is certainly more risky for causing contour defects and decreasing blood flow to the skin, and should only be done by an absolute professional experienced with the nuances.  However, when combined with proper deep-plane lipo, it can further increase the results and contour of the target area.

Special Areas

  • Abdomen – Abdominal contouring and etching can be done alone, but is often combined with an abdominoplasty.  Dr. Linville uses a technique developed in Brazil by Dr. Saldanha known as a lipoabdominoplasty.  Liposuction is performed on the entire abdomen with this technique, in contrast to just the flanks with the older method.  This yields an improved contour compared to a traditional tummy tuck, and can show off the waist and help develop the desired hour-glass figure.
  • Neck – submental liposuction is a common technique used to remove unwanted fat deposits below the chin.  Liposuction in this area is also used to define the jawline and is frequently combined with a necklift procedure.  VASER or SmartLipo is often used to try to help the skin retract in this area to prevent the need skin excision.
  • Arms – Liposuction on the upper arms is growing in popularity, thanks to energy-assisted techniques and the development of sculpting and hi-definition techniques.  The outer triceps groove and biceps muscles can be developed in the same fashion as the abdominal muscles when etching the rectus muscle.  Dr. Linville routinely performs excision site lipo during a brachioplasty as well.
  • Thighs – The natural slope to the leg, from the inguinal region to the medial thigh can be sculpted and gives an extremely beautiful contour when done properly.  Excess fat in the lateral hips, and the inner thighs and on the medial knees can also undergo liposuction to aid in contouring.  For larger body contouring procedures and medial thigh lifts, liposuction also aids in excising extra skin than would be possible otherwise.
  • Mons – Along with the tummy, the mons can also develop unwanted and undesirable fat deposits that make it bulge and possibly droop.  Liposuction, often combined with a monsplasty, can dramatically improve the appearance and provide a lift that refreshes the mons and labia and gives it back a more youthful look.
  • Back – The back also has some special considerations when doing liposuction, namely to not cross the midline and to avoid liposuction of the upper buttock to help define and sculpt that curve, rather than blunt it.  Back skin and fat can be very fibrous, and Dr. Linville often uses VASER both to assist with fat removal and to help prevent the need for large incisions on the back.


Dr. Linville strongly believes that liposuction techniques, when done properly, can give exceptional aesthetic results for both isolated liposuction cases and also when combined with other surgeries.  Liposuction is not something to be taken lightly or to be overlooked.  In fact, it is most often the most critical part of any plastic surgery procedure, which is why Dr. Linville spends time and uses considerable focus when performing it.  If Dr. Linville suggests liposuction as an adjunct to your procedure, you can trust that it is because he thinks it will take great results and make them phenomenal.

Use in Fat Grafting

Liposuction is the initial step during any procedure involving fat grafting, whether it be for the face, breast, buttock, or even for revisions to fix contour deformities.  There are certain considerations when doing fat grafting that Dr. Linville will utilize to help maximize fat survival and still yield excellent liposuction results.

The Process

It all begins with a consultation and discussion about what technique will best serve you based on your goals and anatomy.  Dr. Linville is very forthright in his assessment, and he will be honest with you regarding the results he anticipates for you, along with potential risks.  Dr. Linville will perform your liposuction procedure to the absolute maximum in all facets, while trying to preserve blood flow to the skin.  It is a delicate balance, and this is why you want to trust a board-certified Plastic Surgeon who is an expert at liposuction.


A surgical garment is placed after your surgery, and various pain medication is utilized to minimize pain, which is highest in the first 3-4 days after surgery and decreases steadily afterwards.  Compression garments are absolutely critical to achieving good results and helping the skin retract while helping to minimize swelling.  Some mild pain and swelling typically persists for a couple of weeks, with final results typically achieved by three months.

When Lipo alone will not work

Aside from a contour deformity, which is the most common complication after liposuction, the reason liposuction alone will not work in some patients is if there will be too much skin laxity after the fat has been removed.  As the underlying fat is suctioned, the skin envelope deflates, and this can lead to a sagging, deflated appearance to the skin that looks worse than where you started.  This is, in fact, the exact way Dr. Linville analyzes your options.  The first and best option is typically liposuction, and if Dr. Linville is concerned for skin sagging (although sometimes it is obvious), he will then recommend a skin excision procedure such as abdominoplasty, mini abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, neck region, etc.

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Dr. Linville would love to help you reach your ultimate aesthetic goals.  If you are interested in any kind of liposuction procedure contact our office today.

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