Labiaplasty in Houston and The Woodlands

The labia, consisting of both the labia major and labia minora, can be enlarged or stretched over time, either as a result of childbirth or even due to genetics. This most commonly can cause an enlarged or stretched appearance of the labia. Occasionally this can cause pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse. More commonly, it causes mild to severe issues with self-confidence, problems being comfortable in clothes or underwear, and even avoidance of social or sexual situations. Thankfully, there are modern surgical solutions that cause minimal discomfort with scars that are almost invisible. Benefits of a labiaplasty

  • Improved appearance
  • More self-confidence
  • Improved comfort during intercourse

Who is a candidate?

Women who are unhappy with the appearance of their labia when naked or in clothing and who may have discomfort during intercourse are good candidates for labiaplasty. Patients should be healthy with no current infections.

What is special?

A labiaplasty with Dr. Linville will rejuvenate and restore the pubic area. This sensitive issue will be treated with the upmost privacy and discretion by Dr. Linville and his staff, with the primary focus being your comfort. After the consultation, Dr. Linville will review your surgical options and help you reach your aesthetic goals while minimizing any pain or scarring. Often, this procedure can be performed in the office, which allows for a quick but comfortable surgery and quick recovery. If the surgery is more extensive, your surgery can be done in an outpatient setting to maximize comfort and facilitate perfect results.

The process

Once the decision for surgery has been made, your surgery will be performed with the upmost discretion and privacy. Surgery typically takes an hour, and the recovery process is often more rapid than with other surgeries due to the ability of the vaginal tissue to heal quickly. For privacy reasons, Dr. Linville does not share before and after pictures online, but rather has them available for viewing during the consultation process.


Rapid recovery after labiaplasty is possible with Dr. Linville, thanks to attention to detail in all facets of your journey. Medication is given before and after surgery, and long-acting medicine is given intraoperatively to facilitate comfort and recovery. It is strongly advised to avoid injury and intercourse for at least 4 to 6 weeks to allow for optimal recovery.

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