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Facial aging is inevitable, but unnatural results after a facelift should not be.  The key to restoring a youthful face is not simply skin excision, but to restore the volume that we all lose as we age.  Dr. Linville will replace the volume you have lost, while simultaneously lifting the cheek and jowls (and neck when necessary), and all through an incision that is hidden in front of and occasionally behind the ear.  You will look naturally younger and more refreshed, with less downtime and a quick recovery.

What Is Special?

The key to a harmonizing facelift is not performing the same surgery on everyone – quite the opposite.  Everyone ages differently, with more trouble areas in certain areas versus others.  For this reason, it is important to not buy-in to the typical marketing schemes, where standard, gimmicky facelift procedures are touted as amazing and promise results.  Dr. Linville will discuss your goals and make a comprehensive assessment and plan that fits you and your lifestyle.

Harmonizing Surgical Technique

The key to natural but outstanding results is to reposition the stronger layers beneath the skin in a more youthful position and then re-drape the skin on top without excess tension. The skin will then heal and lay down more beautifully without looking windswept or too tight.  After the SMAS layer is repositioned, it is often time to replace the volume that we all lose in our faces over time.  This is perhaps the most important and relatively new concept in facial rejuvenation that is still often overlooked.  However, proper volume replacement will help lift and define the cheek, fill in the area under the eyes, replace temporal hollowing, and allow  Dr. Linville to sculpt your facial contour to its ideal aesthetic profile.

The Process

Everything begins with a thorough evaluation and consultation that is personalized.  All nonsurgical options and surgical options are discussed, with Dr. Linville making an expert recommendation and providing you with a detailed explanation.  He does not push anyone towards surgery, and actually prefers to go with the current, nonsurgical options when possible, to provide step-wise, subtle changes over time and avoiding incisions.  Of course, this is not always possible, and if that is the case with you, Dr. Linville will go over his surgical goals and plan for you.  This is more of a process of youthful facial rejuvenation, not cookie-cutter facial plastic surgery.  It is up to you at this point to decide if you feel that your goals match up with Dr. Linville’s aesthetic vision.

Optimizing You for Surgery

Going straight to surgery is often not the best plan of action for you.  To optimize your results, it may be necessary to help improve your skin quality via dermal collagen regeneration and improvement of age spots.  This is accomplished with an advanced skin care analysis, proper skin care, potentially microneedling, resurfacing laser, and IPL/photofacials.  Why do all this?  Because it enhances your results, increases the longevity of your new youthful appearance, and protects your investment.  The decision to undergo facial surgery is not a small thing and should not be taken lightly.  Dr. Linville understands this and wants your experience and investment to be second-to-none.


You should expect to recover for at least a couple of weeks after your facelift.  Dr. Linville will see you the day following your facelift either in the office or in the hospital if you’ve stayed overnight. The first 3-5 days are when you can expect the most swelling, and it will begin to subside after this.  Sutures are generally removed on postoperative day 5-6,  During this time it is important to relax at home, rest, and recover, and avoid anything strenuous – this allows you to heal exactly the way Dr. Linville intended, and also helps prevent hematomas from developing under the skin.

Because your skin is not over-pulled, the main thing regarding recovery is waiting for resolution of edema.  By the end of the first week, most of your edema will be gone and you should no longer need pain medicine and you will begin to really take note of your results.  After the second week, you will be feeling normal and are usually able to go back to work.  There is some swelling still present, and this will continue to improve out until the 6-8 week mark.

Nonsurgical options

As mentioned earlier, one of the hallmarks of aging is volume loss, which happens to all of us over time.  Replacing that volume in a very specific way can often completely rejuvenate the face.  When fillers are used without an incision, this is known as a Liquid Facelift, and requires special training and an aesthetic eye to perform correctly while minimizing complications.  Dr. Linville is a master injector and is trained in the use of all types of fillers utilizing the latest techniques.

Just as volume replacement is critical to performing a great facelift, good skin quality is required in order to lift the face by fillers alone.  If the skin is too lax, fillers may not be enough.  If there is only mild or moderate skin excess, you may be a candidate for Ultherapy, which is a new nonsurgical way to lift and tighten the face and neck area.

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