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The earliest signs of facial aging often appear around the eyes.  This occurs as a result of sun damage, thinning of the skin and fat, and sagging of the cheek.

Dr. Linville will analyze your upper and lower lids and only after a detailed exam and discussion, will make recommendations tailored to your needs.  If this means surgery, Dr. Linville can often perform your upper lid surgery in the office setting with mild sedation.  The lower lids are more complex and often require a slightly bigger surgery, but Dr. Linville is often able to do all of your surgery through a hidden incision.

What is Special

Newer techniques rely on re-draping of the herniated fat pads below the eye, not resection.  This will smooth the contour below the eye known as the tear trough and restore your youthful appearance.

Some fillers and fat grafting can also be used alone or in combination with lid surgery to create a perfect under-eye contour.

A mid-face-lift technique may also be used to lift up the cheek, all through a small incision, allowing enhanced recovery and optimal results.

Nonsurgical Options

When at all possible, Dr. Linville will correct your signs of aging without any incision, which of course is the safest and most natural looking.  This can be accomplished with a new modern approach to upper facial fillers along the tear trough or malar crease.  Depending on your anatomy, Dr. Linville will customize the filler he chooses, but can include Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, Lyft, Sculptra, and fat grafting.  The goals of fillers, and lower eyelid surgery, are to create a smooth transition from the lower lid fat pads onto the upper cheek so that there is no shadow.  Thickening the skin and subcutaneous tissue above the bone will also help get rid of that blue hue below the eyes that makes you look tired.  Eyelid rejuvenation is complex, and just like everything else, requires a tailored, unique approach for every individual.

Asian eyelid surgery

This upper eyelid surgery is often done for people of Asian ethnicity who desire a “Western" look, in which blepharoplasty techniques are used to create a more defined crease just above the eyelashes.  This too can usually be done in the office, with a quicker recovery and minimal downtime.  Dr. Linville spent extra time during his training learning the nuances of eyelid surgery for various ethnicities, and happily sees patients in Houston, the Woodlands, and Memorial City for eye rejuvenation.

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