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Breast revision surgery can be complex and often requires a full repertoire of techniques to achieve the result you deserve. Thankfully, Dr. Linville can use his cosmetic and reconstructive experience to help correct what is wrong and maximize your results.  Every breast surgery, especially revisions, require a thorough workup and evaluation, extensive planning, and detailed communication about your goals, where you’re starting, and the results Dr. Linville can help you achieve.  Not everyone is a candidate for breast revision surgery, and not every revision can be done in a single stage.

Why Breast Revision?

The decision to have a breast surgery to fix a problem or to achieve a desired result that was not met, is a difficult one.  Some of the common reasons women seek breast revision are listed below.

  • Issues with the implant itself, such as leak, rupture, malposition, or for size issues
  • Problems with the capsule around the implant, which can harden, thicken, cause pain and distort the implant (capsular contracture)
  • Malposition of implants, such as bottoming out, lateralization, or medialization of the implants
  • Symmastia, which is when the implants cross the midline or raise up the skin between the breasts
  • Double-bubble deformity, where the breast either sits above or below the implant and there is an unnatural crease or a “snoopy” deformity
  • Movement of the implant can occur when lying flat or with activity if the pocket is overly large and the implant has too much room to move around
  • Animation deformity occurs when the implant is placed under the pectoralis muscle and the implant is displaced when the muscle contracts
  • Persistent ptosis of the breast after a lift, augmentation, or reduction
  • Unnatural shape to breast that can be too boxy, too square, or too lateral.  If upper pole fullness was not restored this can also lead to dissatisfaction or visibility of the edge of the implant.
  • Inadequate prior breast reduction can occur and another reduction may be needed
  • Excessive scarring around the areola or along the breast
  • Implants are too big and patient is desiring a more natural look
  • Visible rippling of the implants can occur more commonly with certain types of implants and in thin individuals

What is Special?

With Dr. Linville’s extensive training and experience in breast surgery, including cosmetic augmentation, complex breast reconstruction, and breast revision surgery, he is able to bring an extensive repertoire of current techniques and knowledge to your consultation and the operating room and will help devise an individualized, tailored plan that achieves the best cosmetic outcome possible.  Dr. Linville feels that his experience with reconstruction helps him utilize those techniques to achieve outstanding, long-lasting results for cosmetic revisions, just as his cosmetic experience enables him to enhance his results for reconstruction.  A good breast revision expert must combine both worlds and use overlapping skills in order to restore your breast.

Revisions and Solutions

When the breast capsule has led to complications, such as contracture, it becomes very important to deal with that capsule in specific ways, such as capsulotomy, capsulorrhaphy, and even with a capsulectomy.  Additionally, recent evidence suggests that capsules form and thicken as a result of biofilm, which is similar to a subclinical bacterial infection.  Dr. Linville takes numerous precautions during your surgical process to limit exposure of the implant to bacteria.

Reinforcement of soft tissue envelope may be required if the normal breast boundaries have been violated by previous surgeries or by large implants.  It may also be required if the skin or breast tissue is excessively thin and causing the implant to be too visible.  Reinforcement or thickening of the tissue may be accomplished by various methods including the use of an Acellular Dermal Matrix (e.g. Alloderm, Strattice) or with fat grafting.

Exchanging implants may be necessary if Dr. Linville feels your current implants are not providing the ideal look or feel, or if the implant size is causing problems such as stretching or distortion of the breast.

A Pocket Exchange of the implant, where the anatomical location of the implant is changed from submuscular to subglandular, or vice versa, is a great way to deal with implant mobility and location issues or visibility issues.

Restoring the Inframammary fold is an absolute must, and can often be accomplished by internal methods and capsule work along with ADM, but occasionally external methods, such as the external Ryan procedure, need to be implemented to really recreate the fold at the bottom of the breast and prevent bottoming out, implant malposition, and double-bubble deformities.

Short-scar incisions are utilized when appropriate to attempt to limit scars and incisions and thereby limiting the violation of normal breast anatomy and contour.

The Process

After developing your individual plan, Dr. Linville and his team will prep you for surgery.  Special medications will be used to help enhance your recovery after surgery.  At every step of the way, you should expect personal, concierge service from Dr. Linville and his staff.  Dr. Linville will see you the day after surgery and several times afterwards to ensure your recovery and to monitor your results.


The extent of your surgery will determine your recovery process, but in general for the first two weeks you should expect to not lift any weight and to walk.  No exercise is permitted initially.  After two weeks you can begin to lift 5-10 pounds, and exercise can begin at 1 month.  Most healing takes six weeks, so it is important during that time to avoid any trauma or issues to the breast or implant

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