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The breasts can become enlarged after childbearing and nursing, in response to hormones, for genetic reasons, and even due to puberty.  Nursing and breastfeeding can cause the breasts to enlarge temporarily, and then to drop.  Excess weight and often massive weight loss can similarly affect the breast tissue and position.  Whatever the cause, Dr. Linville will work with you to lift and reduce your breasts back to their once youthful look and position.

Benefits of Breast Reduction

The benefits of breast reduction are many, which is why Breast Reduction continues to have the highest patient satisfaction scores of any plastic surgery procedure.  Most patients will feel relief in their breasts, decreased back and neck pain, decreased migraines, and certainly a newfound ability to wear bras and clothing that fit comfortably.  For women that have a history of rashes under the breasts, also known as intertrigo, this troublesome skin issue is also relieved and is a major reason for performing this operation.  Of course, having the breast shape rejuvenated and restored can be immensely beneficial from a psychological standpoint, as many women are self-conscious of their large breasts in clothing and when naked.  Exercise and social situations should be much more enjoyable afterwards as well.

Who is a Candidate?

Women with large breasts who desire a smaller, more comfortable breast size, improved appearance, and an improvement in their breast symptoms or rashes are great candidates for a breast reduction.  Every patient is different, with different needs and goals, and Dr. Linville tailors his approach for every single patient after an in-depth conversation.  Dr. Linville also strives to achieve perfection in size and shape and to match your results with your cosmetic goals.  Other criteria for breast reduction can include neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, shoulder grooving from bra straps, migraines, rashes under the breasts, and breast pain.

What is special?

Dr. Linville will develop a specific plain to meet your reconstructive and cosmetic goals, to maintain your breasts in a more youthful position over time.  For every patient, Dr. Linville goes to extraordinary measures to make sure the breasts do not sag or drop too much afterwards, which is why his patients often say they feel like they’ve had an augmentation after their surgery.  After surgery, your breasts will appear lifted, shapely, and beautiful.

Different Techniques and Updates

There are several new techniques and tricks to lifting the breasts during breast reduction, and keeping them there.  Aside from new incision and pedicle design techniques, there are new and improved methods of suturing the breast tissue to the upper chest and also ways to use your own breast tissue to “trap” the breast in its new lifted position.  As with other plastic surgery procedures, it is important to take away, or reduce, the breast tissue from the right areas, while leaving other areas untouched or even augmenting them.  This is where the artistry of your plastic surgeon becomes integral to a superior outcome.  Below are just a few of the newest methods Dr. Linville uses in his breast reduction surgeries:

  • Superomedial pedicle – this preserves breast tissue in the upper inner part of the breast and helps maintain shape and fullness in the proper areas, while preventing bottoming out
  • Central mound pedicle – similar to the above, this technique helps round and shape the breast while preserving nipple sensation
  • Autoaugmentation – using your own breast tissue to “augment” the breast shape without the use of implants
  • Bioabsorbable mesh – For severely heavy large breasts that will have a tendency to bottom out regardless of the latest techniques, Dr. Linville will use a new mesh that absorbs over time but leaves an internal sling or internal bra to help maintain the breast in its new higher position
  • Limited incision techniques – not every patient is a candidate, but some newer short-scar or vertical-only type of incisions can be used to minimize scarring.  Dr. Linville will discuss these options with you during consultation to determine if these are appropriate in your instance.

The process

When it comes to altering the breasts, you should feel like your plastic surgeon is focused solely on achieving a perfect result that lasts over time, and this is Dr. Linville’s goal.  When you meet with him in consultation, he will review your medical history and determine if you are a good candidate, and also individualize your treatment plan.  If this is a medical breast reduction, you may need to obtain supporting documentation, a recent mammogram, and insurance authorization.  Dr. Linville and his staff will work with you every step of the way to make things easy while also looking out for your safety.


Most patients after breast reduction, sometimes immediately, feel immense relief and decreased pain.  Of course, this is not a guarantee, and just like after every other surgery, you will need to recover and allow yourself time to heal.  Dr. Linville will help make sure your recovery is as easy as possible with minimal pain.  It is common to be slightly sore, but overt sharp pain is extremely rare.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Will insurance cover your breast reduction?

This is of course a tough question to answer.  First and foremost, it depends on your specific insurance plan and carrier, as well as benefits.  The best way to find out is to call your insurance company prior to making an appointment, as some plans have contract exclusions on these types of procedures, which is very unfortunate considering their beneficial nature.  A history of many of the symptoms listed above and documentation of them by other health care providers also helps.  Lastly, photographs must be submitted along with Dr. Linville’s consultation note as part of the approval process.  If Dr. Linville deems that it is too unlikely that insurance will cover your reduction, then it is considered a cosmetic breast reduction.

Is a Lift included in a Breast Reduction?

Yes, as part of a breast reduction, the breasts are lifted into a higher, lifted, and more youthful position, and the terms in this case are often used synonymously.

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