Breast Overview

Breast Overview in Houston and The Woodlands

Through the use of the absolute latest surgical techniques, Dr. Linville is applying new methods and a cosmetic eye for his breast reconstruction patients in Houston and The Woodlands.

  • Dr. Linville is trained in the use of breast implants, free flap reconstruction, fat grafting, regional perforator flaps for breast conservation, and cosmetic surgery, so you are assured to get the best-looking result possible in the safest manner.  He uses many new techniques to combine modalities for not only the best looking result, but to also limit your number of surgeries to achieve your final, uncompromising result.
  • Beyond DIEP flaps:  There are several other flap options and even local perforator flap options to help restore the breast when a DIEP is not available or advisable.
  • Better than round implants:  Round implants can work well for many patients.  However, many women desiring reconstruction want a more natural look.  Through the use of shaped anatomic implants and a precisely reconstructed breast pocket, your breasts will look natural and you will love their feel and shape.

Surgical Goals

The goal is to get an uncompromising aesthetic result with the breast reconstruction process in as few surgeries as possible, with patient safety being paramount.  This is made possible by teaming up with a select few breast surgeons who demonstrate flawless technique and understanding of tissue handling to preserve the patient’s anatomy and enhance the healing process.  For longer free flaps, Dr. Linville has a team that works together to help get surgery done faster, which is also safer and enables a quicker recovery.

New techniques

  • Fat grafting – this technique has been proven safe and yields exceptional results.  After liposuction on any “trouble areas”, the fat is processed and injected into the breast to add volume, smooth contour lines, and enhance projection (just to name a few).  It is minimally invasive and is quickly becoming the gold standard in cosmetic surgery and breast surgery.
  • Direct-to-Implant – In select patients, this technique eliminates the process of needing a tissue expander and subsequent expansions by placing a permanent implant in at the time of mastectomy (e.g. nipple sparing), for an immediate result, allowing patients to have complete reconstruction in as little as one surgery.  Implants can be placed under flaps also, and combined with fat grafting.
  • Pre-pectoral implant with soft tissue reinforcement – For a natural-looking breast restoration that moves naturally, this can provide a near perfect look and feel, even with implants (if done correctly), and can be combined with fat grafting.
  • Nipple-sparing Mastectomy with direct-to-implant or free flap – although this technique is not safe for everyone, when performed it preserves the nipple during mastectomy, and provides the best cosmetic outcome possible.  Implants and/or DIEP flaps can be placed under the breast skin to restore the breast shape and volume, along with fat grafting, to yield an unmatched aesthetic result.
  • Oncoplastic surgery – done at the time of lumpectomy, it utilizes breast reduction principles to help shape and restore the breast around the lumpectomy site without leaving a divot or deformity.
  • Partial breast reconstruction for lumpectomy defects – if needing a larger lumpectomy, or segmental mastectomy, this technique can help preserve some parts of the breast without needing a full mastectomy and restores the lost skin and breast volume with skin and fat from the side or back usually within the bra line.
  • Staged Breast Reduction – By reducing and raising the breast and nipple prior to mastectomy via breast reduction, the breast envelope is optimized for a cosmetic result, often spares the nipple, and can prevent the need for radiation once the mastectomy is completed at a later stage.  This is optimal for woman with very large ptotic breasts where the nipple is too ptotic to be raised during mastectomy.  It does allow the chance to still perform a nipple-sparing mastectomy, followed by implant or flap reconstruction.
  • Immediate Nipple Reconstruction – when the nipple must be taken during mastectomy, it is occasionally beneficial to build a new nipple at the same time as the initial reconstruction instead of waiting for later and necessitating another surgery.  This is most commonly done in bilateral cases when using free flaps to maximize symmetry.
  • 3-D tattooing – the absolute latest in techniques, Dr. Linville has teamed up with Houston’s best, who specializes in creating and restoring the subtle nuances of the nipple and areola.
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