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What is Special

Dr. Linville specializes in natural breast augmentation. By using appropriately sized implants and careful technique, the breast shape is enhanced, but carefully and conservatively. Your health, both now and in the future, is of upmost importance, and implants that are too large or overdone simply are not the best thing for your health.

Types of Implants

The new shaped, anatomic, or tear-drop breast implants give an outstanding natural result, and are revolutionizing the field of breast augmentation, and are even improving the techniques used for round implants. Shaped implants tend to be slightly more firm in order to hold their shape, so they are not quite as soft as a typical round implant. Since they look like half of a tear-drop, the upper portion of the implant tends to come naturally off the chest wall, making it a very smooth slope and giving a superior natural look.

The current gold-standard in breast augmentation continues to be the round silicone implant, especially as the newer generations of implants have evolved, the silicone is more cohesive and less prone to leaking, while maintaining a natural feel and decreasing the chances for rippling. The “gummy bear” implants are highly cohesive, and resemble the feel of a shaped implant. Round implants tend to lend patients more of the upper cleavage look, which many women desire, and is a primary reason for why to choose a round implant.

If you are over 21 years old, silicone implants are safe and FDA-approved, and give a superior feel and look compared to saline implants. Saline implants can still be a great option for many women, however. They are most commonly used in women desiring an axillary incision, or in women who are 21 or younger.

Types of Incisions for Augmentation

Inframammary, or IMF incisions, are placed at the bottom of the breast. This incision is great because it is still relatively small, is hidden under the breast shadow in a natural crease, and allows the surgeon superior control of the breast pocket, especially if any subtle modifications are needed during the surgery. Studies have also shown a decreased capsular contracture rate with the inframammary incision. This is the most common incision for all the reasons listed above.

Periareolar incisions are the second-most common and are great because the incision is placed at a natural border between skin colors and generally heals well. It can be tough to place large implants through this incision, but it is useful when doing a breast lift or areolar reduction, as the incision can serve dual purposes.

Axillary incisions are utilized more rarely, but certainly still done. They used to be used only to place saline implants, but with some newer techniques it is possible to place a round silicone implant through the axillary incision. In general, it gives less control of the breast pocket and less control of the inframammary fold.

The trans-umbilical incision is no longer used in the plastic surgery community due to several problems and complications, although it is a great concept. Perhaps with further advances in technology and minimally-invasive surgery this will again fall into favor.

The Process

Your consultation with Dr. Linville will include a thorough history and exam including critical breast measurements. This along with your cosmetic goals will help determine the perfect implant and size for you. A preoperative visit will get you ready for surgery and the recovery. The actual procedure only takes 1-2 hours on average. Dr. Linville is involved with every aspect of your care and pain control and will use several modalities to enhance your pain control and comfort after surgery, which also helps with a speedy recovery.


If this is your only surgery, you will likely go home the same day of surgery and see Dr. Linville in the office on postoperative day 1. No lifting or exercise is permitted for two weeks afterwards, but walking is encouraged. After two weeks you may begin to lift and exercise moderately, and at 6 weeks you may resume vigorous exercise. Dr. Linville will see you back several times during recovery and afterwards to check on you, monitor your results, and ensure your satisfaction.

If you want a natural result that fits your body, schedule an appointment today.

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