Buttock Augmentation

Brazilian Buttock Augmentation in Houston and the Woodlands

The Brazilian Butt Lift has become the new favorite cosmetic procedure, and for good reason:  it’s safe, produces real, lasting results, and gives patients the benefit of liposuction at the same time which targets the waistline, tummy, and any other trouble areas.  In this way, the entire body is sculpted and takes on a new, more voluptuous, and youthful appearance.

What’s Special?

Just as liposuction requires the use of advanced techniques and an aesthetic eye with exquisite attention to detail, a buttock augmentation requires even more care and training of the eye to completely resculpt the body and reproportion several areas at once.  A BBL (Brazilian Buttock Lift) is more than simply doing liposuction and then injecting fat.  It starts with identifying a patient’s trouble areas, having a detailed discussion about the look that is desired, and then performing detailed liposuction, safe fat processing, and precise fat grafting (aka fat transfer) in and around the buttocks to achieve a full, augmented look.

Who is a candidate?

Because a BBL uses your own fat cells, it can truly be performed on anyone provided you are an otherwise healthy surgical candidate with no major surgical risk factors, and provided you don’t smoke or use tobacco products.  The range of women seeking augmentation of the buttocks varies widely, from women who already have somewhat of a full look but want more, to others who have very little volume and want to better fill out their clothing.  The reasons why women (and men) may have a less than full appearance is due to a combination of genetic and anatomic factors that are out of most people’s control, and perhaps at times environmental or lifestyle issues can come into play.  For the most part, anyone uncomfortable with the appearance of their posterior is a candidate, provided they have reasonable expectations.

How Does It Work?

Fat cells are harvested via standard liposuction technique, except the fat cells are collected in a special manner.  They are then rinsed and cleaned of debris, blood, and fibrinous strands, and prepared in several syringes with special fat injection cannulas, typically Coleman cannulas.  The fat is then injected by using these tiny cannulas in a fanning pattern in very small tracts – laying down many rows of fat, within the soft tissue and muscle of the buttocks – until there is simply not more room to keep injecting.  Now that the fat cells are in their new location, they must “take" as a graft, which means they have to obtain a new blood supply from the surrounding soft tissue of your natural buttocks.  This process can take 7-10 days, and because of the inherent nature of grafts, only about 65% (on average) of the fat injected will survive.  Keys to helping the fat survive are to make sure no pressure is placed on the buttock tissue within the first 2 weeks or more after surgery, as pressure limits blood flow to this susceptible tissue.  After the graft has taken, it is now part of you, and will behave as a normal fat cell.  The fat cells that do not survive are simply reabsorbed by your body in a natural manner.

How to prepare for surgery

Besides being healthy and abstaining from tobacco use, Dr. Linville does not require that women try to alter their body shape by gaining weight or doing anything unnatural or unhealthy.  It is more important to continue to exercise and be healthy than to binge eat and put on unhealthy weight.  Most of the time, this extra weight, even after liposuction, simply shrinks again as you lose the weight.

Postoperative Care and Expectations

You should expect to not sleep on your back or sit on your buttocks for a minimum of two weeks after surgery, and preferably longer.  You can of course expect some swelling and edema common after any surgery.  You should also expect your initial volume to shrink over the first 2 months until things stabilize.  This part is extremely important to understand and to be okay with.  For the very small-buttocked individuals, Dr. Linville may explain that they expect a second fat transfer procedure in order to obtain their perfect, desired result.


The recovery, as mentioned, involves staying off of your buttocks by not laying flat or sitting for a minimum of two weeks.  The remaining part of the recovery is just as with any liposuction procedure, and also involves limiting vigorous activity for 2-3 weeks after surgery to allow the edema to subside, while also wearing a compression garment.  Recovery though, is actually very fast, as most often only very small incisions or access sites are used to both harvest and inject fat.  Bruising can happen after surgery and may last for 10-14 days on average, but is fairly rare and tough to anticipate.

New Techniques

A great new technique that works perfectly in combination with a Brazilian Buttock Lift, is a new threading technique that also lifts the entire buttock, without incisions, by using a criss-crossing array of surgical threads with barbs on them.  Typically these barbs are pointed in the reverse direction, and once inserted the buttock tissue is lifted across these barbs, and it suspends the tissue up.  Current threading techniques use absorbable sutures that last for a year or longer, as the permanent types were banned by the FDA.  The absorbable sutures are safe and give outstanding results, and the technique is easily repeatable

What next?

Simple – schedule your appointment today to visit with Dr. Linville and get this journey started.

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